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Tom Castelloe

Tom Castelloe


My name’s Tom Castelloe, and I’m the author of The Recovery Coloring Book, an adult coloring book meant to bring peace and healing to those who need it. My love of coloring comes from personal experience. In 2015, I ended up in the hospital while coping with mental illness. Someone recommended that I try coloring as a way to relieve my boredom. I ended up loving it. In the middle of a difficult time, coloring brought me a sense of fun and lightness that I was struggling to find elsewhere. I found that as I colored, I felt less stressed and less anxious. Coloring helped me to relax and to process everything I was going through.

I’m not the only one who’s discovered the immense benefits of adult coloring books. Many studies have shown that art therapy can help to relieve stress, process emotions, and improve focus. Coloring is a simple activity that’s both structured and creative. While you focus on the simple act of coloring, you’re able to give your mind a rest from everything that’s troubling it. You can also find joy in the colors and fun of coloring. As you color in a design, you start to feel more relaxed. On a subconscious level, you’re also able to process some difficult emotions. After a session of coloring, I always feel more centered and better able to handle what life throws at me.

After coloring helped me so much, I decided to use coloring to help others. In particular, I hope to help people who are struggling with physical or mental illness. My adult coloring book is full of beautiful designs that are complemented by messages of faith, hope, and healing from the Bible. My biggest goal is to donate copies of The Recovery Coloring Book to places that need it, such as hospitals and support groups. The Recovery Coloring Book is available for sale on Amazon, and the sales help me to fund giveaways to people who need a bit of healing.