“A combination of coloring and guided meditations to help you make the most of the present.”

I’m excited to announce my latest book: The Now Coloring Book: Guided Meditations for Stress Relief and Healing. People who enjoyed my first two books have told me how much coloring has helped them to relax and de-stress. They said the benefits were similar to those of meditation. In fact, psychologists have suggested that coloring is highly beneficial for your mental health, much in the way that meditation is.

This inspired me to make meditation a part of my new coloring book. On each page you’ll find a beautiful, elegant design to color, just like in my other books. What’s new is a guided meditation passage accompanying each design. If you’re worried you won’t be able to complete the meditations, don’t be. Each passage is designed to be flexible and easy to follow. They provide simple instructions and hopeful, faith-inspired messages that you can use to guide you into a peaceful, happy mindset. Each passage even comes with one or two short sayings you can repeat to help you focus.

The best part is that meditation and coloring are a natural pair. Coloring requires just enough concentration to prevent your mind from straying towards minor distractions. If you’ve colored before, you probably noticed that you gradually settle into a calm, semi-focused mindset. This is the goal of meditation, but it can be difficult to achieve it if you’re not used to the process of blocking out distractions. Coloring provides you with the perfect structure to settle your mind.

Imagine one hour (or even half an hour) without worrying about what you’re making for dinner, what you need to do at work, or any of the other concerns that keep our minds buzzing. My hope for you is that when you use this book, you can relax without worrying about the past or future. That’s why I’ve called it The Now Coloring Book. With the right tools, you can enjoy the simple calm of now.