There is a new book coming out soon. This book combines guided imagery/meditation with coloring, both to help you enter a relaxed state of mind. A kind of active meditation. We will focus on the “now” present moment and celebrate the moment for what it is- “Now” is a great gift from God, our creator.

A preview of the guided meditations in “The Now Coloring Book”:

“Be Here Now”

Take a moment just to be. Allow yourself to be fully present in the now. Too often, we

focus on the past and the future and lose out on the present. For one moment, enjoy

simply existing in the right now. Experience the present by letting go of plans, worries,

and memories. Pay attention to your breath going in and out, and spread your

consciousness out through your body.

Sayings to repeat: “Now is enough” and “I am fully present in this moment.”

We are looking forward to completing the next book “The Now Coloring Book.” Stay tuned.