The Recovery Coloring Book - Volume 1

The Recovery Coloring Book is full of messages of faith, hope, and healing from the Bible specifically crafted to help you rekindle hope and happiness.


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The Recovery Coloring Book - Volume 2

The Recovery Coloring Book can provide you with moments of peace, clarity, and reflection. If you are simply looking to find more relaxation, wisdom, and joy in your life, The Recovery Coloring Book is here for you.


At Recovery Coloring Book we promote healing through coloring books.

We specialize in delivering materials for art and recovery to those who need help, including the homeless or needy or those who are in the hospital – for individuals and their families. I discovered art therapy recently and I can’t express how much art therapy helped! Even just coloring a coloring book really felt good!

I would like to bring this feeling to others with The Recovery Coloring Book.

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